An Interactive Documentary

Essays on The Machine

Our Lives, Encoded with Alexander Rakoczy

Published by Broken Toilets

The trappings of living in the ephemeral world of data and machine communication.

The Computer Revolution Has Yet to Happen

Published by The Absurdist/Endless

A combination of this “carry anywhere” device and a global information utility such as the ARPA network or two-way cable TV, will bring the libraries and schools (not to mention stores and billboards) of the world to the home. One can imagine one of the first programs an owner will write is a filter to eliminate advertising!

Alan Kay A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages (1972)

A Brief History of Machine Personalities

The Character & Ephemera From a Century of Machine Thinking

Talks on The Machine

Harvesting Human Intelligence: Reframing the Survillance Discourse

Presented at C-Base: Home of the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin, Germany

The power of large government and corporate surveillance systems feel like an intractable part of our everyday digital lifestyle. However, the raw intelligence of centralized computer systems pale in comparison to decentralized personal computers, each augmented by a human actor. This talk examines how the PC threatens traditional power structures and how those systems have responded.

Computers & Intimacy

Presented at Pecha Kucha, Berlin, Germany

Our thoughts are the material of the Internet. In the midst of ever-evolving man/machine integration, I’ll use declassified documents to show how politicians have used computers to monitor these thoughts in the past, and suggest new ways of thinking about intimacy and computers in the future.